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POLICY CN1 - Dwelling Mix and Size

  1. Proposals for 5 or more dwellings will only be permitted where they provide a mix of dwelling types and sizes that address the housing needs of the district.

Proposals should:

  1. take account of local housing needs, site constraints, the street scene and existing development patterns, and character of the area; and
  2. identify any affordable housing requirements in accordance with Policy CN2.
  1. Exceptions will only apply where there is proven evidence of a genuine local need for specific forms of accommodation or a mix of dwellings would be inappropriate due to the character of the site or location.
  2. Proposals involving the demolition of existing residential accommodation will need to demonstrate that any new dwellings proposed make efficient use of the site and will be sympathetic to the pattern and form of development in the area and the contribution of the replaced dwelling to the character of the area.

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