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POLICY CN11 - Gypsy Sites

  1. Proposals for sites for gypsies will be permitted provided that:
    1. demonstrable local need exists for the site and the number of pitches proposed;
    2. the site is reasonably close to or easily accessible from a main traffic route;
    3. the site is within reasonable distance of a settlement;
    4. in the case of long-term sites, the site is reasonably well related in terms of its location and size to schools and community facilities;
    5. the site is visually unobtrusive and well screened from important vantage points, public footpaths and roads;
    6. all facilities for the site are of a scale directly related to its essential requirements; and
    7. the site includes the following facilities:
      1. a refuse collection point;
      2. access to drinking water supply;
      3. a satisfactory means of sewage disposal / management
  2. Proposals to remove gypsy related occupancy conditions will only be permitted where the District Council is satisfied that:
    1. the original condition is no longer relevant or that the long term need for the gypsy site has ceased; and
    2. reasonable efforts have been made to sell or lease the site at a price which reflects its true market value.

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