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POLICY CN12 - Provision of Public Open Space

  1. Proposals for new residential development of 5 dwellings or more will be required to provide public open space based on a standard of not less than 2.4 hectares (6 acres) per 1000 people subdivided into the following types of open space:
    1. children’s equipped play space, a minimum of 0.2 hectares (0.5 acre) per 1000;
    2. children’s informal play areas, a minimum of 0.4 hectares (1 acre) per 1000; and
    3. playing fields/sports grounds for youth and adult use, a minimum of 1.6 hectares 4 acres) per 1000 people of which 1.2 hectares should be for sports pitches.
  2. Provision will be made on site. Where this is inappropriate provision should be made off site appropriately located to serve the new development, or a financial contribution will be sought to enable new provision or to improve existing provision elsewhere in the locality.
  3. In addition to the provision of public open space, the District Council will require an appropriate amount of informal amenity open space to be incorporated into new residential development. The amount and nature of such provision will depend on the location and form of the proposed development. Such an assessment will be based on the contribution informal amenity open space would make to the appearance, enjoyment of the development and contribution towards landscape and quality of life considerations.
  4. Developers are required to make suitable arrangements for the maintenance of public open space and any associated equipment.

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