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POLICY CN2 - Providing affordable housing in residential development

  1. In order to address identified local housing needs within the District, the Council will require (and negotiate with landowners and developers) the inclusion of affordable housing in most proposals for the residential development of allocated and other housing sites. For unallocated sites, negotiations will be based on the local housing needs of the area, the physical suitability of such sites for affordable housing, together with all other spatial planning or commercial marketing considerations. Affordable housing will be sought in the following circumstances:
    1. within the Malvern settlement area, an affordable component of up to 50% of all dwellings on sites in excess of 5000 sq m (net site area) or 15 dwellings (whichever is the lower limit) will be sought; or,
    2. within defined settlements in the rest of the District, an affordable component of up to 50% of all dwellings on sites in excess of 2000 sq m (net site area) or 5 dwellings (whichever is the lower limit) will be sought; and,
      in all such cases, there should exist:
    3. an identified local need for affordable housing; and,
    4. evidence of the continued viability of the housing development in question; and,
    5. an indication that collateral planning advantages or other associated benefits will not be prejudiced; and,
    6. evidence of an appropriate mix of housing types will be provided in relation to the identified needs of the local area.
  2. Planning permission (including the approval of reserved matters) will not be granted by the District Council unless and until the applicant has offered an undertaking or entered into an agreement to provide the requisite housing (or serviced housing land) in accordance with an Affordable Housing Scheme.
  3. The extent and detailed location of identified housing need for the purposes of this Policy will be regularly monitored and measured against the recorded delivery of affordable housing as evidenced by periodic surveys and analyses to be carried out by the Council and against which the necessary Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) or Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) will be duly revised and adopted.

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