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POLICY CN5 - Removal of Rural Workers Occupancy Conditions

  1. Proposals to remove agricultural, forestry or rural enterprise-related occupancy conditions will only be permitted where the District Council is satisfied that:
    1. the original condition is no longer relevant or that the long term need for the dwelling on the holding or in the locality has ceased; and,
    2. there is no identified (or identifiable) local housing need for which the dwelling could be used to meet and for which a registered social landlord could be found; and,
    3. reasonable efforts have been made to sell or to lease the dwelling at a price or rental which reflects its market value with the condition in place; and,
    4. the application for removal of the condition is made after at least 10 years from the dwelling’s initial occupation in accordance with the condition.
  2. Where the removal of the original restrictive condition is justified in accordance with the above criteria but it has been demonstrated that there is a local housing need which is unrelated to occupation or employment, the original condition may be varied to limit occupancy of the dwelling to meet such continued local housing needs.

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