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POLICY DS1 - The Location of Development

Development will be directed to sustainable locations most appropriate to the form and scale of development proposed on the following basis:

  1. Malvern represents the principal urban area and main town centre within the District and will be the focus for new development during the Plan period, particularly development that generates and attracts high levels of journeys. Development will be located within the settlement boundary, as defined on the Proposals Map.
  2. Tenbury and Upton offer a wide range of services and facilities and include town centres serving the district’s rural community and wider tourism needs. Proposals for development serving local needs across the wider rural area, such as new commercial, retail, leisure and large scale community facilities will be located within the settlement boundaries established for these towns, as defined on the Proposals Map.
  3. Development throughout the rural areas will be restricted to that required to meet local needs generated from within the rural areas themselves and as an aid to rural regeneration. Development proposals will be directed to the most appropriate rural settlement in accordance with the rural settlement hierarchy established by Policy DS11.
  4. Development within the open countryside (beyond settlements as defined on the Proposals Map) will be strictly controlled. Development will be limited to those exceptions established within the Local Plan, which can only be located within the open countryside and which maintains or enhances the landscape character and biodiversity of the area.
  5. The re-use of previously developed land in rural locations where development would be unsustainable or intrusive in the countryside will not be permitted.

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