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POLICY DS7 - North Site

  1. Site H.1 North Site, Malvern as defined on the Proposals Map, is allocated for a mixed use development and will provide:
    • at least 390 dwellings (phased for release);
    • 3.5 hectares of B1 employment land as defined by the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 (as amended);
    • a new local centre which includes a new community centre, community and local shopping facilities (any retail unit established will not exceed a retail floor area of 250 sqm);
    • a site for a one form entry Primary School (1 hectare) and associated public playing field;
    • the provision of up to 195 affordable housing units distributed throughout the site (based upon negotiation of up to 50% on a development of 390 dwellings);
    • appropriate formal and informal open space within the allocated site in accordance with Policy CN12.
  2. Residential development of the site within the Plan period will be expected to demonstrate the most efficient use of allocated land, in line with the required net density range of 30 – 50 dwellings per hectare.
  3. A North Site Development Brief has been prepared to guide the implementation of the site and development proposals will accord with the detailed requirements of the Brief and should:
    1. allow for a mix of dwelling types, sizes and tenures having regard to local housing need;
    2. ensure that new residential areas comply with Home Zone design criteria;
    3. ensure that any Office development (Use Class B1a) will be subject to the provisions of Policy EP3 - Office Development, regarding the location and sustainability of office development;
    4. provide at least two vehicular access points to serve the site to maximise the segregation of employment related traffic from residential areas;
    5. ensure that no more than 150 dwellings will be constructed off a single vehicular access to the site. Development involving both residential and employment development will require the provision of two main access points which are linked within the site;
    6. provide for appropriate pedestrian, cycle and public transport facilities;
    7. respect the high quality landscape setting of the site and integrate the development with the surrounding area;
    8. protect and enhance the site boundaries with the open countryside and along the course of Whippets Brook;
    9. provide a high quality environment, which reflects local distinctiveness and is of the highest design quality;
    10. protect and enhance the ecological value of Whippets Brook as a wildlife corridor and an important habitat for species of wildlife importance.
  4. Development of Site H1 North Site for more than 390 dwellings will be restricted if development would result in the Structure Plan requirement for housing being exceeded by more than 100 dwellings within the Plan period. Any capacity for additional dwellings beyond this level will only be released to meet housing requirements associated with the period post 2011.

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