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POLICY EP18 - Tenbury Cattle Market / Teme Street

  1. Proposals for the redevelopment or alternative use of the Tenbury Cattle Market Site and premises fronting Teme Street (as shown on the Proposals Map) will be required to demonstrate that:-
    1. development will support, complement and enhance the overall retail vitality and the continued economic viability of Tenbury Town Centre;
    2. appropriate pedestrian links and signage will be provided to encourage pedestrian movement between the site and Tenbury Town Centre as a whole;
    3. safe and efficient arrangements for the management of traffic which minimise potential conflict between vehicles and pedestrians (having particular regard to the provision of access arrangements for service vehicles entering the site from Teme Street);
    4. consideration has been given to the enhancement of the site’s frontages with Teme Streetand the River Teme (including enhancement of the River Teme riverside walk andconnections to it);
    5. development accords with the advice of the Environment Agency and includes measures to minimise flood risk.
  2. Redevelopment or alternative use of the site for retail, commercial, recreation, leisure and community uses, either singly or as a mixed use proposal will accord with the site’s location within the boundary of Tenbury Town Centre. However, proposals for all forms of acceptable development and specifically retail development will be required to be of a scale appropriate to the needs and capacity of the location and should not undermine sustainable transport objectives.

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