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POLICY EP21 - Three Counties Showground

  1. The development and redevelopment of facilities and infrastructure directly related to the operation of the Three Counties Showground (TCS) (within the area defined on the Proposals Map) will be permitted if:
    1. it can be demonstrated that the development is directly related to and necessary for the continued economic operation in performing its intended primary role as a rural showground for displays, shows, and other activities related to agriculture, horticulture, equestrianism and other countryside pursuits, and which would not thereby encourage or require the location or relocation of activities more appropriate to a town centre, main urban area or rural settlement;
    2. the scale, form and design of any buildings and infrastructure will not harm the natural beauty of the landscape (which will include special attention to views within and into the Malvern Hills AONB and specifically views from the Malvern Hills).
    3. proposals demonstrate a comprehensive approach to the location, design and landscaping of new buildings and infrastructure which seeks to integrate the site as a whole within the wider landscape and rationalise the existing ad hoc arrangement of buildings and showground structures; and,
    4. it can be demonstrated that the proposed development can be readily accommodated within the existing road infrastructure and is accompanied by measures, which will seek to reduce reliance upon the private car and encourage the use of public transport, cycling and walking by both staff and visitors to the site.
  2. Proposals for development beyond the extent of the TCS identified on the Proposals Map will be considered in accordance with other Local Plan policies which address development within the open countryside and where appropriate the Malvern Hills AONB. Permission may be granted for small-scale development beyond the extent of the site identified on the Proposals Map providing that can be adequately demonstrated that:
    1. the development is essential to the operation of the TCS (as defined in (a) above) and cannot be accommodated within the area identified on the Proposals Map;
    2. it will not result in pressure for additional permanent structures and development within the open countryside and that visitors and users of the new development will be able to readily and safely access and use facilities on the main TCS site;
    3. it can be sited and designed in such as way that is informed by, and sympathetic to, the landscape character of the area.

In general any new development approved in accordance with 2a-c above will be sited adjacent to, and as close as possible to, the boundary of the TCS shown on the Proposals Map.

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