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POLICY ST1 - Safeguarding Land for Transport Infrastructure

  1. Land will be safeguarded for the purpose of improving the District’s transport infrastructure. Development will not be permitted where:
    1. it would adversely affect existing or proposed public transport routes, facilities and interchanges or would adversely affect the potential for enhancing their capacity and use;
    2. it would result in the loss of, or adversely affect the character and function of an existing or proposed pedestrian route, cycleway, public right of way or Quiet Lane initiative unless an alternative can be provided which is equivalent or demonstrably better in quality, attractiveness, convenience and safety;
    3. it would prejudice the reopening of former transport routes such as disused railway lines for recreational purposes; or
    4. it would adversely affect the implementation of a highway improvement or traffic management scheme.
  2. Land at or around Great Malvern Station and Malvern Link Station as shown on the Proposals Map will be safeguarded for station improvement purposes. Development which would prejudice station improvements will not be permitted.

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