3. Parking Standards

Parking Standards

Worcestershire County Council is currently preparing a set of countywide parking standards based on Government guidance. In the interim the following standards will be applied with respect to Policy ST3.

1 space per square metre
(m2) of gross floorspace
unless otherwise stated
(gross floorspace)
Food Retail1 space per 14m21000m2
Non Rood retail
1 space per 20m21000m2
Cinemas and Conference Facilities
1 space per 5 seats1000m2
D2 (other than cinemas, conference facilities and stadia)
1 space per 22m21000m2
B1 including offices
1 space per 30m22500m2
Higher and further education1 space per 2 staff + 1 space
per 15 students (see note 1)
1 space per 15 seats
(see note 2)


  1. The standard for students relates to the total number of students attending an educational establishment, rather than full-time equivalent figures.
  2. For stadia, sufficient coach parking should be provided to the satisfaction of the local authority and treated separately from car parking. Coach parking should be designed and managed so that it will not be used for car parking.
  3. Parking for disabled people should be additional to the maximum parking standards. Development proposals should provide adequate parking for disabled motorists, in terms of numbers and design (see Traffic Advice Leaflet 5/95, Parking for Disabled People).
  4. For mixed use development, the gross floorspace given over to each use should be used to calculate the overall total maximum parking figure. For land uses not covered in these standards, the most stringent regional or local standards should apply.

The above standards are as set out in PPG 13 Transport (Annex D).

In respect of residential development PPG3 (Housing) states that development with more than 1.5 offstreet car parking spaces per dwelling are unlikely to reflect the Government’s emphasis on securing sustainable residential environments.

With regard to cycle parking provision the previous Malvern Hills District Local Plan standards have been carried forward. One cycle space per 8 car-parking spaces required by the development with aminimum of 2 cycle spaces. Where car parking provision is below the maximum parking standards, increased cycle parking provision may be required depending on the circumstances. Cycle parking should be secure, overlooked and in the case of staff, facilities should be covered. For houses (Class C3) storage space to accommodate cycles must be identified.

The disabled parking provision standards set out in Traffic Advisory Leaflet 05/95 are shown in the table below:

Car Park Used For:
Up to 200 car parking baysOver 200 car parking bays
Employees and visitors to
business premises
Individual bays for each
disabled employee plus 2 bays
or 5% of total capacity
whichever is greater
6 bays plus 2% of total capacity
Shopping, recreation and
3 bays or 6% of total capacity
whichever is greater
4 bays plus 4% of total capacity

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