5. Sites of Regional or Local Wildlife Importance

Special Wildlife Sites

Site No. Site Name
SO 56/05
West Brook
SO 56/05Woodland near Upton Mill Upton and West Brooks - Little Hereford CP
SO 56/08Pulpits Fingers
SO 56/09Cowleasowe Wood
SO 56/11
Cadmore Valley Meadows - Tenbury
SO 56/12Cheaton Brook
SO 56/12Whyle Brook
SO 56/12Tributary of Cheaton Brook
SO 56/12Rolls Brook
SO 56/13Cadmore Brook
SO 56/14Bednal Coppice - Tenbury TC
SO 56/15Upper Swingley Ashbed - Bockleton CP
SO 56/16Wood west of Bradley's Corner - Hatfield CP
SO 56/17Middle Common - Bockleton CP
SO 56/18Frith Farm Wood - Tenbury TC
SO 66/01Haws Hill - Bockleton CP Tenbury TC
SO 66/02Longhill Brook - Tenbury TC
SO 66/03Motlin's Hole, Romer's Wood and Easerfield Coppice - Kyre and Bockleton CP's
SO 66/04Weary Bank Woods - Tenbury TC
SO 66/05Corn Brook – Knighton-on-Teme CP
SO 66/06Perry and Kyrebatch Woods - Stoke Bliss CP
SO 66/08Kyre Brook and tributaries
SO 66/10Kyre Pool Complex - Kyre CP
SO 66/11Brinsell Dingle and Newhouse Bank - Hanley CP
SO 66/14
Howney Coppice - Lindridge CP Knighton-on-Teme CP
SO 66/15Haggett's Coppice, Knackers Hole Meadows and Hill Top Meadow
SO 66/16Hanley Child Wood - Hanley CP
SO 66/17Foxholes Coppice and Bine Farm - Eastham CP
SO 66/21Piper's Brook - Eastham CP Hanley CP
SO 66/22Hanley Dingle Complex
SO 66/22Pennel's Bank
SO 66/22Wall Hills Wood
SO 66/23Retreat Meadows - Stoke Bliss
SO 67/01
Knighton Common Wood - Knighton-on-Teme CP
SO 67/02Bickley Complex - Knighton-on-Teme CP
SO 67/03Milson Wood - Knighton-on-Teme CP
SO 67/04Trapnell Brook - Knighton-on-Teme CP
SO 67/05River Rea
SO 67/06Knighton Disused Railway
SO 67/07Gaundy Wood Park - Mamble CP
SO 67/08Wissett's Wood Complex - Bayton and Mamble CP
SO 67/09Larches - Knighton-on-Teme CP Lindridge CP
SO 73/18The Malvern Hills and adjoining sites
SO 73/18Ragged Stone Hill
SO 73/19Broomhill Coppice - Castlemorton CP
SO 73/20Shadybank Common - Castlemorton CP
SO 73/21Dingle Wood - Berrow CP
SO 73/22Castlemorton Hollybed and Coombe Green Commons - Castlemorton CP
SO 73/27Gadbury Bank Fort - Eldersfield CP
SO 73/28Berrow Wood - Berrow CP
SO 73/30Berrow Churchyard
SO 73/32Coles Farm Meadow and Orchard - Eldersfield CP
SO 73/34Ferney Hill Pastures - Birtsmorton Parish CP
SO 73/35 Rye Piece Meadows - Berrow Parish CP
SO 74/16Limekiln Coppice - Cradley CP
SO 74/21High Wood Marshes - Malvern Town
SO 74/24High Wood - West Malvern /North Malvern
SO 74/29Park Wood adjoining woodland and grassland - West Malvern
SO 74/30Benstoken Coppice - Leigh CP
SO 74/31Mill Coppice - Malvern Town
SO 74/32Malvern and Lower Wyche Commons - Malvern Town
SO 74/33Malvern Link Common - Malvern Town
SO 74/34Lower Howsell Sidings - Malvern Town
SO 74/35 Welland Cemetery - Welland CP
SO 74/36Longdale and Blackmoor Woods - Hanley Castle CP
SO 74/37Newland Green - Newland CP
SO 74/38Birches Farm Meadows - West Malvern CP
SO 75/01Woodland adjoining Sapey Brook
SO 75/02Tinker's Castle Meadow - Suckley CP
SO 75/06Woodland near Old Yearsett - Suckley CP
SO 75/07Mill Coppice Complex - Suckley CP
SO 75/08Camp Coppice – Clifton-upon-Teme CP
SO 75/10Grove Dingle and Park Coppice – Knightwick, Suckley, Whitbourne CP's
SO 75/11Hungry Dean - Whitbourne CP
SO 75/12Whitbourne Brook
SO 75/13Piper's Coppice - Knightwick CP
SO 75/14Almshouse Wood - Suckley CP
SO 75/17Sapey Brook
SO 75/18Lord's and Coalpits Wood - Lulsley and Knightwick CP's
SO 75/19 Nelson Meadows - Suckley CP
SO 75/20Suckley Hills Woods - Suckley CP
SO 75/22Lime Bank near Upper Tundridge Farm - Suckley CP
SO 75/23Ravenshill Wood - Alfrick and Lulsley CP's
SO 75/25Osebury Rock - Lulsley CP
SO 75/26Ankerdine Hill and Nipple Coppice - Doddenham and Suckley CP's
SO 75/28Brooklands Meadow - Alfrick CP
SO 75/29Leigh Brook
SO 75/30New House Meadow - Alfrick CP
SO 75/31Oxleasow Coppice and Berrow Hill - Martley CP
SO 75/32Birch Hill Coppice - Martley CP
SO 75/34Leigh Disused Railway
SO 75/35Shooter's Coppice and Devils Leap - Doddenham and Martley CP's
SO 75/36Landymoor Coppice - Doddenham CP
SO 75/37Great Hopehouse Coppice - Martley CP
SO 75/38Hayley Broad Dingles and Redcliff - Lulsley Alfrick and Leigh CP's
SO 75/42 Woodland near Ridgeacre Farm - Cotheridge CP
SO 75/43Wyat's Coppice - Wichenford CP
SO 75/44Laughern Brook
SO 75/45Woodland near Blackfields Farm - Wichenford CP
SO 75/46Kedges Wood - Wichenford CP Kenswick CP
SO 75/47The Ashes - Bransford CP
SO 75/48Cotheridge Church - Cotheridge CP
SO 75/49North Wood - Bransford CP
SO 75/50The Cuckoopit - Leigh CP
SO 75/51Roadside verge near Upper Elms Farm – Broadheath, Cotheridge CP's
SO 75/52Bithynian Vetch No 2 - Alfrick CP
SO 75/58Marsh Cottage Meadows - Bransford CP
SO 75/59Bithynian Vetch No 1 - Munn's Green, Alfrick CP
SO 75/61 Doddenham Bithynian Vetch - Doddenham CP
SO 76/01Teme Valley (West) Woods
SO 76/02Pensax Wood Complex - Pensax CP Stockton on Teme CP
SO 76/03Marlpits Coppice – Clifton-upon-Teme CP
SO 76/04Brockhill Quarry - Shelsley Beauchamp CP
SO 76/05Ridding Coppice and Hall Wood Complex
SO 76/06Elbatch and Meneatt Woods – Stockton-on-Teme, Abberley, Shelsey Kings CP’s
SO 76/07Kingswood Valley - Shelsley Beauchamp CP Shelsley Kings CP
SO 76/08Southwood Common and Pudford Coppice - Shelsley Beauchamp CP
SO 76/09Woodbury Quarry - Shelsley Beauchamp CP
SO 76/10 Cockshot Rodge, Pudford and Walsgrove Hills – Martley, Shelsley B'champ CP's
SO 76/11Kingswood Common - Martley CP
SO 76/12Abberley Hall
SO 76/13Cherry Dene Meadow - Martley CP
SO 76/14Penny Hill - Martley CP
SO 76/15Dundridge Coppice and Quarry - Martley CP
SO 76/16Abberley Hill – Abberley, Astley and Dunley, Great Witley CP's
SO 76/17Pools near Witley Court - Great Witley and Little Witley CP
SO 76/18Dick Brook - Rock Astley and Dunley Shrawley CP
SO 76/19Ridgend and Wichenford Coppices - Wichenford CP
SO 76/20The Warren - Astley and Dunley CP Hillhampton CP
SO 76/21Shrawley Brook – Holt, Shrawley, Little Witley CP's
SO 76/22Ockeridge Wood - Holt CP
SO 77/01 Dumbleton Dingle
SO 77/04Buckeridge Meadows - Rock CP
SO 77/13Wyre Forest - Rock CP
SO 77/23Ribbesford Wood - Ribbesford CP
SO 83/03Drake Street Meadow - Welland CP
SO 83/06Rye Coppice - Eldersfield CP
SO 83/07Berth Hill - Eldersfield CP
SO 83/09Pendock Bank - Pendock CP
SO 83/11The Stanks - Upton-on-Severn CP
SO 83/12Corse Lawn and Avenue Meadow - Eldersfield CP
SO 83/13Mill Brook Spinney - Longdon CP
SO 83/15Heath Hill Orchard - Holdfast CP
SO 83/16Aggberrow Sarn Hill and Voulter's Wood - Longdon CP
SO 83/19Queenhill Brickpit and Uckingham Pool - Holdfast CP
SO 83/21Ripple Lake and the Napps
SO 83/22Ripple Brook
SO 83/23Old River Severn Upper Lode - Bushley CP
SO 84/01Guarlford Green and Rhydd Green - Guarlford CP Malvern Town
SO 84/03Madresfield Court and Church - Madresfield CP
SO 84/04Brotheridge Green Disused Railway – Upton-upon-Severn CP & Welland CP
SO 84/05Woodsfield Coppice - Powick CP
SO 84/06Madresfield Brook and adjoining woods
SO 84/07Old Hills and New Coppice - Powick CP
SO 84/08Brotheridge Green Meadows – Upton-upon-Severn CP
SO 84/09Pool and Mere Brooks
SO 84/10 Clevelode Meadow - Guarlford CP
SO 84/11Cliffey Wood and Cliffs - Hanley Castle CP
SO 84/13Sandford Pits - Severn Stoke CP
SO 84/13Brickpits Plantation - Hanley Castle CP
SO 84/14Clifton Arles Complex - Severn Stoke CP
SO 84/17Ashmoor Common and the Bogs - Kempsey CP and Severn Stoke CP
SO 84/18Upton Ham
SO 84/19Napleton Meadow - Kempsey CP
SO 84/20Birch Arles - Severn Stoke CP
SO 84/22Smithmoor Common and Meadows - Hill Croome and Earl's Croome CP's
SO 84/23Green Street Meadow - Kempsey CP
SO 84/24Pirton Pool - Pirton CP and Severn Stoke CP
SO 84/25Kempsey and Stonehall Commons - Kempsey CP
SO 84/26Croome River - Croome d'Abitot and Severn Stoke CP's
SO 84/27Croome Court - Croome d'Abitot CP
SO 84/28Marsh Common - Earl's Croome CP
SO 84/31Priors Court meadow - Powick Parish CP
SO 85/01Peachley Wood - Broadheath CP
SO 85/02Margate Farm Meadows - Hallow CP
SO 85/03Middleyard Coppice - Powick CP
SO 85/04Whitehouse and Bush Hill Coppices - Powick CP
SO 85/05Broadheath Orchard - Broadheath CP
SO 85/06Oldbury Wood - Broadheath CP Rushwick CP
SO 85/07Aymestry Woodland and Pool - Rushwick CP
SO 85/08Lord's Wood - Powick CP
SO 85/09Birchen Grove - Broadheath CP
SO 85/10Thorngrove Lake - Grimley CP
SO 85/11Carey's Brook - Powick CP
SO 85/14River Severn
SO 86/02Monk Wood Complex - Grimley CP
SO 86/03Shrawley Wood
SO 86/04Shotgrove Coppice - Shrawley CP
SO 86/05Larford Farm Lake - Astley & Dunley CP
SO 86/07Grimley Brook
SO 86/07Redstone Local Nature Reserve (The Bogs) – Stourport, Astley & Dunley CP

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