2. Employment Development Sites

Employment development sites E1 – E4: Allocated by Policy DS9

Additional information on the allocated housing sites is available from the Employment Background Paper (BP3) prepared for the Local Plan Inquiry in 2005.

Site E.1 - Blackmore Park Industrial Estate
Blackmore Park Industrial Estate is located approximately 2 miles from the south east edge of Malvern. An application is currently pending for the redevelopment of the site for B1, B2 and B8 uses, which results in a estimated net gain of 3.8 hectares of employment land. Existing buildings on the site consist of single storey units, the majority of which are in a poor state of repair. Large parts of the site are currently under occupied. Large scale office development would be restricted due to the nature of the sites rural location. Building heights would also be limited to two storeys and a high quality design would be expected which took account of the surrounding open countryside and views into the site from the AONB. The Local Plan Inspector provides comments on this site on page 209 of his Report.

Site E.2 – North Site
A site of 3.5 hectares has been allocated on North Site for employment uses falling within use classesB1 (office, light industry, research and development and high technology). Policy DS7 and the North Site Development Brief contain details on design and development requirements sought from the development. The Local Plan Inspector provides comments on this site on page 210 of his Report.

Site E.3 - Malvern Hills Science Park
An application is currently pending for Phase Three of the Malvern Hills Science Park, which aims to build on the success of previous redevelopment. The proposal involves the erection of 8 buildings for B1 office/hi-technology facilities and associated parking. The redevelopment of the site will result in a net gain of 1.1 hectares of new employment land. The Local Plan Inspector provides comments on this site on page 211 of his Report.

Site E.4 - QinetiQ South
The QinetiQ South site located in Malvern is currently occupied by a science and technology research facility. The site is currently under utilised and spare capacity has been identified which is suitable for redevelopment. It is estimated that a net gain can be achieved from the site of 4.5 hectares of new employment land. The site is suitable for B1 office and high technology uses, which will compliment its existing uses. The site represents an opportunity to develop a high quality employment environment with high standards expected of design, materials and landscaping. The redevelopment of the site is addressed by Policy DS9. The Local Plan Inspector provides comments on this site on page 213 of his Report. 

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